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West Bend Timeline - May 2009

Page history last edited by Ginny 12 years, 3 months ago


  • 05-01-09 City Attorney Mary Schanning sends email to Asst. City Attorney Warren Kraft asking about meeting date for next library board meeting, stating recommendation to library board to slate the meeting for mid-May to give Hanrahan, et. al., additional time to collect petition signatures. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-02-09  Asst. City Attorney Warren Kraft displays emotion in an email to City Attorney Mary Schanning as he confirms his assistance in forming Alderman and soon-to-be-ousted Library Board Member Nick Dobberstein's Memo for Rescission (via email/ORR).
  • 05-02-09 Alderman Dobberstein places motion on City Council agenda to rescind library appointee vote. (via email to City Attorney/ORR)
  • 05-02-09 Kathryn Engelbrecht, current library board president, sends copy of article written by library board members condemning actions of City Council members to Alderman Carter.  (via email/ORR)
  • 05-04-09 Alderman Dobberstein responds to a citizen email, calling other City Council members hypocrites. (via email/ORR, page 1, page 2, page 3)
  • 05-04-09 City Council meeting addresses Alderman Dobberstein’s request to rescind mayoral library appointment vote, which was denied. (Meeting agenda/ORR, page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4)
  • 05-05-09 School of Information Studies - UWM, Joyce M. Latham, offers to organize Madison Gay Men’s chorus performance in West Bend. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-06-09 Library Director, Michael Tyree, tells City Attorney that the library board would like to schedule June 2, 2009 for the next board meeting. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-06-09 Library Director, Michael Tyree, tells City Attorney that he has checked with board members and confirms June 2nd date. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-07-09 "Wisconsin Library Challenge Heats Up," by Debra Lau Whelan, School Library Journal, 7 May 2009.  Quotes from issue participants include these:
    • “These books talk about explicit sex acts in a crude manner that’s not appropriate for minors in any shape or form,” says Ginny Maziarka, a grandmother and mother of four who describes herself as coming from a largely “conservative and faith-based” community. “This isn’t a conservative or liberal issue. It’s a common sense/decency issue, where we’re asking for respect for parents and the youth of our community.”

      Maziarka goes on to say that she and her supporters are fully aware that other libraries across the nation shelve sexually explicit books for children, but "We simply do not care. We expect our taxpayer-funded library to uphold our community standards."

    • Regardless, the library has no plans to meet any of those requests. “What they’re asking for is a form of censorship,” says Michael Tyree, the library’s director. “We’re here to make access to books easier, not harder.”
    • Hartinger, who is no stranger to book challenges, says the Maziarkas have no right to decide which books are inappropriate for their community, their schools, or their libraries. “I honestly can’t imagine anything more un-American than the idea that we shouldn't be allowed to decide for ourselves what books we want to read, and what books we want our kids reading.”
  • 05-12-09 Hanrahan emails Tyree: "We got good news on Friday that West Bend Parents for Free Speech received a grant of $1000 for our expenses from the Freedom to Read Foundation." (via email/ORR)
  • 05-12-09 Deb Roensch, West Bend School District secretary, confirms June 2nd availability of Silverbrook gym. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-14-09 Mary Reilly-Kliss asks Mayor Deiss to have reappointments of library board members voted for on separately by the City Council. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-14-09  Tyree sets date for meeting and sends information to City Attorney Schanning. (via email/ORR
  • 05-16-09 School of Information Studies - UWM’s PantherVision Television station hosts interviews on library issue.
  • 05-17-09 Alderman Nick Dobberstein asks Michael Tyree to go over his statement for the City Council meeting, requesting assistance for bullet points, and requests to know number of books on WBCFSL book list are homosexual. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-19-09 Schaar, later appointed as library board member, emails the Mayor for information as to how to apply for a library board position and states her empathy for the library and distaste for the city council: "I've lived in West Bend since 1978.  Libraries have been an important part of my life since I was a child.  We have such an amazing library and everyone should feel they are able to appreciate and enjoy it. And the peope [sic] who work at the library are all outstanding.  They should know that we respect and value their place of employment.  I've attached my resume to provide a bit more background for you.  I'm sorry you have to deal with such a mess and, in spite of what Mr. Lindbeck said, hopefully we can find a solution to this issue that will be acceptable to all sides." (via email/ORR)
  • 05-20-09 Library Board (Reilly-Kliss) emails ABFFE (Finan) seeking inexpensive materials on "Censorship": "Does ABA have any free (or very cheap) resources on Censorship? .... Resources are very limited, but I could pay a nominal fee." (via email/ORR)
  • 05-20-09 ABFFE (Finan) emails Library Board (Reilly-Kliss) offering unlimited booklets that normally cost $12 per copy: "Good memory!  That's what we call our free speech primer.  I'd be happy to send you as many free copies as you want." (via email/ORR)
  • 05-20-09 Library Board (Reilly-Kliss) emails ABFFE (Finan) conveying Tyree's message accepting unlimited booklets, suggesting the ABFFE should come to West Bend, and looking forward to meeting them at the ALA meeting: "Mary, If Chris would give us 30 or more copies that would be wonderful!  In fact, we will take as many as he will send.  Perhaps we could make a contribution to the ABA to offset their costs?  It would be great for Chris to come to WB to share his views.  It would be fine to meet him at ALA, should that be the way things play out."  (via email/ORR)
  • 05-20-09 Kristin Pekoll, YA librarian, emails UWM/SOIS, Mary Wepking, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, ALA Director, and Megan Schliesman of CCBC (Cooperative Children’s Book Center) for assistance with library power point presentation for June 2nd meeting. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-20-09 Patti Geidel, WBCML Board Member, thanks UWM/SOIS, Mary Wepking, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, ALA Director, and Megan Schliesman of CCBC (Cooperative Children’s Book Center) for assistance with information and offers to “help” Mary Wepking with a GLBTQ (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual/questioning) for YA special topics course this summer. (via email/ORR, page 1, page 2)
  • 05-20-09 "West Bend City Council Fails to Reinstate Library Boards Member," by Debra Lau Whelan, School Library Journal, 20 May 2009.  Quotes from issue participants include these:
    • "These were four very qualified people who collectively have a lot of experience on these issues," says library director Michael Tyree about the board members who were up for reappointment. "They were doing what they were supposed to do—wait for the Maziarkas to resubmit their reconsideration for library materials."
    • "They’re very skillful at playing the political game," says Tyree, referring to the fact that the book challenge has ended up pitting city council members against library supporters—and has gained nationwide attention, with the American Library Association, the American Bookseller Foundation for Free Expression, the National Coalition Against Censorship, and the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee weighing in their support for the library board members.
    • "All this seems to lead toward the continued politicalization of the local library board, says Michael Zimmer, a faculty member at the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, which issued the statement of support for the library's administration and board.
    • Although Tyree says he has the unilateral authority to decide against moving the books or labeling them, he’d prefer to wait for the library board to back him.

      "If the [Maziarkas] aren’t pleased with my decision, it’ll end up in the board’s lap anyway," he explains, adding that this is a "cautionary tale that library boards, directors, and staff members should be aware of [because] what's happened here can occur in many communities throughout the country."

  • 05-21-09 Library (Tyree) emails School Library Journal (Lau Whelan) seemingly mocking the religious community and promoting a student's blog: "You mentioned that I could pass along updates for what's happening with the censorship issue as the WBCML.  A group has organized to do a read-in on 5/29/09 at our library in support of the First Ammendment [sic].  Shades of the late 60's and early 70's--it sounds like it will be an eye-opener for our 'conservative and faith-based community.'  I think if I read or hear that phrase one more time, I'll be forced to donate my eyes and ears to science much earlier than I had planned.  A link to more information on the event can be found at: http://openingbooksopeningminds.blogspot.com/"  (via email ORR)
  • 05-26-09 Patti Geidel, WBCML Board Member, asks Carin Bringelson, WEMTA chair for Intellectual Freedom Special Interest Group (IFSIG) to write a letter of support to Michael Tyree and Kristin Pekoll, requests her signature on the petition of West Bend Parents for Free Speech website, and asks her to attend the Read-In on May 29. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-26-09 ALA Director, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, tells Library Director, Michael Tyree, that she and Angela Maycock, ALA/OIF will be attending the Read-In.  Additionally requests Michael Tyree, Kristin Pekoll, Maria Hanrahan and Mary Reilly-Kliss to attend ALA Annual in Chicago to speak, and offered travel expenses. (cc: Angela Maycock; Jonathan Kelley, Adm. Asst./ALA; Nanette Perez, ALA/OIF) (via email/ORR, page 1, page 2)
  • UNKNOWN DATE WBCFSL hands in formal petition with letter and policy requests at WBCML.
  • 05-27-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, sends official notification of June 2 meeting to library board members (cc to Engelbrecht, Deters, Geidel, Pouros, Burdge, Dobberstein, Aynesworth, Reilly-Kliss, Cantrell, Atty. Schanning, Mayor Deiss) (via email/ORR)
  • 05-29-09 Read-In at WBCML organized by Jake Jurss and supported by the WBCML/board.
  • 05-29-05 Fox 6 News in Milwaukee covers Read-In.
  • 05-30-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, sends email to all library board members stating the Board for the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System had written a letter of support. (via email/ORR)
  • 05-31-09 Library (Reilly-Kliss) emails ALA (Caldwell-Stone) to thank her for her appearance in West Bend two days before and to denounce a "rather racist flier" having a "caricature of Barack Obama on the front and a Bible passage on the back" "because I have nothing better to do and am pretty much on my civil rights high horse at the moment."  She said she would "file a complaint on Monday with the police department."  Note: The complaint was against the Living Waters Church/Kewaskum. (via email/ORR)


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