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West Bend Timeline - March 2009

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  • 03-03-09 Library Board meeting at City Council Chambers (See Agenda (Revised), original copy )
  • 03-04-09 Milwaukee television stations 4, 6 and 58 did interviews with Maziarkas.
  • 03-04-09 The Maziarkas confirmed their requests via blog
    • “Yes, we are asking for these books, such as the ones listed above, to be placed in the adult section of our library to broaden the spectrum for those who wants this material.”
  • 03-04-09 Maryjane Burdge, Library Board Member and Asst Supt of Curriculum & Instruction for West Bend School District asks Maren Stahle, Library Media Specialist and K-12 Library Media Coordinator, West Bend East High School, and Jason Penterman, West Bend West High School Librarian and union member: West Bend Education Association - Professional Rights and Responsibilities Officer, to do a regional search of the school district libraries of only LGBT books on WBCFSL original complaint. This request came via school supt. Pat Herdrich. (cc: Barbara Deters) (via email/ORR)
  • 03-05-09 Maryjane Burdge, Library Board Member and Asst Supt of Curriculum & Instruction for West Bend School District sends lists of books owned by various school library media centers that also appear on the list of books on the WBCML YA Zone page titled “Out of the Closet.” (cc: Barbara Deters, Kim Christiansen, Stephanie Hicklin, Jason Penterman, Ruth Schloemer) (via email/ORR, page 1, page 2, page 3)
  • 03-06-09 Library Board meeting cancelled due to overflow crowd and fire hazard at City Council Chambers.
  • 03-11-09 Alliance Defense Fund sends out alert concerning West Bend Library issue quoting newspaper GM Today "American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says that when the West Bend Community Memorial Library Board takes up the complaint....it should follow young adult policies that ensure materials are accessible..." 
  • 03-13-09 Sue Cantrell, Asst. Library Director, tells the Maziarkas that the Library Board meeting has been set for Thursday, March 26th at 6:30 in the Silverbrook Middle School Gym. (via email/ORR)
  • 03-16-09 The Maziarkas further confirmed their requests via blog.
    • “We are asking for the removal of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “The Geography Club” for their explicit pornographic sexual nature. That is, removal from the YA Zone. We have additionally requested “Deal With It!” be withheld (appeared to be on order), as it appears that it is in the works for our YA zone.” (It is noted that this book was already on the shelf at the library.)
  • 03-16-09 Bob Bonenfant interviews Ginny Maziarka (scroll down to "West Bend Library Issue" for podcast) on the Morning Show, WBKV AM 1470.
  • 03-19-09 The Maziarkas again confirm our requests via blog.
    • "We do not want books removed, we want them moved to the adult section and/or labeled with indications of sexual content." 
  • 03-19-09  Library Director notifies the Maziarkas that the original complaint made 2-12-09 “objected to all books in the "Out of the Closet" category listed in the Young Adult section of the Library website. It did not object to specific books, only to the genre of books.”  In the Maziarkas private discussion with Tyree in step #2 of the complaint process, they very strongly opposed all books with sexually explicit content, and requested identification of such books and placement in another area of the library or reclassification to the adult area. (via email/ORR
    • Mr. Tyree’s letter went on to state “Since the cancellation of the March 3, 2009 meeting, you have stated to the media, in blogs and to the City Attorney via email that you do not want to ban all of the books in the "Out of the Closet" category. The City Attorney interprets this to mean that your original complaint has been withdrawn. Ms. Schanning's analysis of what has been in the media, in blogs and what you have emailed to her is that you are now objecting to specific books within the genre.”
    • The Maziarkas send Mr. Tyree a letter stating if the meeting remained cancelled (they had not yet formally released the Silverbrook gym and they were unsure of the reasoning behind this), they would take this as verification that Tyree had, indeed, denied their requests, though the Maziarka's, themselves, openly refused to withdraw them. This exchange of information can be obtained via open records request. The library staff then requested the reservation to be cancelled via phone call to Deb Roensch at the school district office, who then notified us that it was available, thus confirming the formal nullification of the Maziarka complaint without their permission.
    • The Maziarkas were told “Essentially, what is being requested is that you clarify your complaint and work through the existing process regarding any specific books which you object to.”
    • The Maziarka complaint was clear as they had worked with an attorney on the wording and had lent an addendum when it was appropriate.
  • 03-20-09 Maziarkas send email to Michael Tyree, Library Director challenging request to start complaint process over, and cancellation of 03/26/09 meeting.  (via email/ORR)
  • 03-20-09 Sue Cantrell, Asst. Library director, notifies City Attorney Mary Schanning that she has dropped off a CD of the WBKV radio interview with Ginny Maziarka, West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries.  (via email/ORR)
  • 03-20-09 City Attorney, Mary Schanning, sends letter to Maziarkas, notifying them that their ethics complaint against Alderman Dobberstein is invalid unless notarized. (via snail mail/ORR)
  • 03-21-09  Kristin Pekoll, Young Adult librarian, sends link to West Bend Parents for Free Speech to library staff after Maria Hanrahan emails petition information that opposes WBCFSL. (via email/ORR)
  • 03-21-09  Kristin Pekoll, Young Adult Librarian, sends out email (blind recipients) to inform them of Maria Hanrahan's appearance on WBKV's morning radio show.  (via email/ORR, page 1, page 2, page 3)
  • 03-23-09 Maziarkas once again challenge cancellation of their complaint process and insist on appeal rights to the Library Board. (via email/ORR
  • 03-23-09 Maziarkas ask Michael Tyree, Library Director, what the library's policy for requests to make changes to current policies is.  (via email/ORR)
  • 03-23-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, explains procedure for filing request to library policy changes to Maziarkas. (via email/ORR)
  • 03/23/09 Bob Bonenfant interviews Maria Hanrahan (scroll for podcast) of West Bend Parents for Free Speech on the Morning Show, WBKV AM 1470.
  • 03-24-09 Maziarkas advertised the Town Hall-style meeting at Silverbrook Middle School on our blog, seeking input from the West Bend citizens as to how they would like to be represented, looking for direction on pursuing (or not pursuing) further. (Press release.)
  • 03-24-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, requests to speak to City Attorney, Mary Schanning, about "Mrs. M." (via email/ORR)
  • 03-24-09 Sue Cantrell, Asst. Library Director, sends email link to Michael Tyree, Library Director, and Kristin Pekoll, Young Adult librarian, of Topeka Library Board issue.  (via email/ORR)
  • 03-24-2009  Maria Hanrahan (West Bend Parents for Free Speech) lends interview to Bob Bonenfant of WBKV radio station/West Bend (Podcast HERE, scroll down to "The Opposing View". 
  • 3-26-09 TOWN HALL MEETING, Silverbrook School, recorded HERE by WVCY.
  • 03-26-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, contacts Elizabeth Buchanan, School of Information Studies-UWM, for assistance on how to deal with "the people who have brought the complaint against the WBCML." (via email/ORR, page 1, page 2)
  • 03-26-09 Elizabeth Buchanan, School of Information Studies-UWM responds to Michael Tyree's request for assistance. (via email/ORR: page 1, page 2
  • 03-27-09 County Board received email from city resident concerning WVCY's open records request revelations.
  • 03-27-09 Kristin Pekoll, Young Adult librarian, sends an email to all librarians explaining how to handle patrons who have questions. (emails 3 pgs/ORR:  page 1, page 2, page 3)
  • 03-27-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, emails Lisa Strand, Wisconsin Library Association, to add information to article she is writing about current library complaint. (via email page 1, page 2)
  • 03-27-09 Lisa Strand, Wisconsin Library Association, responds to Michael Tyree's email with rough draft of article written before posting on WLA blog. (via email/ORR: page 1, page 2)
  • 03-28-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, sends list of journal reviewing sources to West Bend News reporter.  (via email/ORR)
  • 03-29-09 Michael Miller (former WB Mayor and current District 4 supervisor) sends email to Dennis Melvin (WB City Administrator), giving heads' up about a complaint from a West Bend citizen entitled "Corruption in the City of West Bend." (via email/ORR: page 1, page 2)
  • 03-30-09 Cheryl Becker, Madison Library Consultant, sends email of support to Michael Tyree, Library Director, stating her knowledge of the support given by the ACLU, the CCBC and the UW Milwaukee SOIS.  (email/ORR)
  • 03-31-2010 West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries (led by Maziarkas) hold petition drive at West Bend Library. 


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