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West Bend Timeline - February 2009

Page history last edited by Ginny 12 years, 3 months ago


  • 02-02-09  Maziarkas phoned Tom Fitz, Library Board Vice President, and discussed the "Out of the Closet" book recommendations on the library website.  Fitz denied knowledge of such and insisted Maziarka's file a formal complaint.
  • 02-03-09  Maziarkas drop off formal letter of complaint at the West Bend Community Memorial Library.
  • 02-05-09  Michael Tyree notifies Maziarkas by phone that they must fill out a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form for their complaint.  Further stated he had sent a copy in the mail, and included WBCML policy information.
  • 02-12-09 Completed the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form and attached letter with book recommendations.
  • 02-20-09 Tyree sends letter to patron who has been viewing porn ("obscene material") on the public library computers.
  • 02-23-09 Step One of the reconsideration process. Met with the Young Adult Librarian, Kristin Pekoll and Assistant Library Director, Sue Cantrall. 
    • At this meeting, the Maziarkas asked “for the removal of any book in the youth section of our library, i.e., children’s, young adult/YA Zone, that contains perverse and pornographic language. Maziarkas requested that any youth web pages referring to topics of a sexual nature, i.e., “Out of the Closet” be removed, or at the very least, password-protected, only accessible with parental authority.” (see blogpost titled “West Bend Library Thumbs Nose at Taxpayers”)  In addition, Maziarkas brought a stack of examples to share with Pekoll that contained both heterosexual and homosexual books and explained their concerns about the sexually explicit contents. They asked for identification and reclassification of books with sexually explicit material in them to the adult section of the library. They were not directed to revise their complaint or told that they were inappropriate with their complaint process.          Complaint denied.
  • 02-25-09  Julaine Appling, CEO of Wisconsin Family Council, publishes transcript of radio spot where she discusses WFC's stance on maintaining balance on materials offered in the West Bend Library. 
  • 02-26-09 Step Two of the reconsideration process.
    • Met with the Assistant Library Director, Sue Cantrall and the Library Director, Michael Tyree.  At this meeting, the Maziarkas restated previous requests (see 02/23/09), and also asked for a “ban” on the Perks of a Wallflower book.” That being, banned from the YA Zone.
    • The Maziarkas were not directed to revise their complaint or told that they were inappropriate with their complaint process.
    • The Maziarkas also offered to fundraise to purchase software for computers and/or labeling project.  They asked Tyree to consider allowing citizens to work with the library in supporting such an effort.  - Denied  (See “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” - Original copy)
    • Mr. Tyree respectfully requested that the Maziarkas await his return from a week-long vacation with his family to schedule a meeting with the library board. We agreed.
    • Mr. Tyree informed the Maziarkas of a scheduled meeting date upon his return from vacation. As the Maziarkas were out of town for two days that week and could not attend the date he had scheduled, Tyree respectfully changed the date to the next day, which worked for all.  (meeting notes, see attachment.)
  • 02-27-09  City Attorney, Mary Schanning, tells Michael Tyree, Library Director, and Kathryn Engelbrecht, Library Board President, that she has reviewed the Maziarkas complaint and explains how to proceed with the 03/03/09 meeting with the library board (cc to Cheryl Wentland, Asst. City Atty.) - (via email/ORR)
  • 02-27-09 ALA Assistant Director Angela Maycock sends a letter of direction to West Bend Library Board president, Kathryn Engelbrecht.  (letter/ORR
  • 02-28-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, tells board members that he asked the ALA/OIF to give them guidance on the complaint/challenge. (via email/ORR)



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