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West Bend Timeline - April 2009

Page history last edited by Ginny 12 years, 3 months ago


  • 04-01-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, thanks gay books author, Brent Hartinger, for responding to his request for help.  Hartinger, in turn, responds in kind with essay he wrote for Daily News.  Tyree forwards essay to City Attorney, Mary Schanning.  (via 3 emails/ORR: email 1, email 2, email 3)
  • 04-01-09  Milwaukee radio station, WVCY, interviews Jim and Ginny Maziarka with Vic Eliason on "In Focus."
  • 04-04-09 Mark Peterson, UWWC Professor, writes column condemning efforts of WBCFSL. 
  • 04-04-09 Dan Kleinman, Safe Libraries, submits op ed piece to West Bend Daily News responding to column written by Mark Peterson (email/ORR
  • 04-04-2010 West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries (led by Maziarkas) hold signature drive in West Bend for petition. 
  • 04-05-09 Mary Reilly-Kliss, library board member, tells Michael Tyree, Library Director, that she joined the ALA that day, and to pass the word to the rest of the library board members to do the same; recommends "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and "Geography Club" as YA novels. (via email/ORR)
  • 04-07-09 Michael Tyree, Library Director, asks City Attorney, Mary Schanning how to share Reilly-Kliss's information as requested in 04-05-09 above (email/ORR). 
  • 04-07-09 Maziarkas request West Bend Community Television to air the taping of the Town Hall meeting of 03/26/09.  Mike Ryan, Coordinator for WBCCTV forwards Maziarka request to City Attorney Mary Schanning who, in turn, forwards the request to Michael Tyree, Library Director.  (via email/ORR)
  • 04-10-09 Alderman and Library Board Member, Nick Dobberstein, forwards email from Maria Hanrahan on to constituents/citizens in which Hanrahan is asking to share the email link to the petition against WBCFSL be shared.  (via email/ORR)
  • 04-13-09 Maziarkas file complaint to Mayor Deiss against Alderman Nick Dobberstein for biased and unethical actions concerning promotion of Hanrahan petition and confirm that WBCFSL is beginning complaint process over. (via email/ORR)
  • 04-14-09 Mayor Deiss responds to complaint from Maziarka's against Ald. Dobberstein. (via email/ORR)
  • 04-14-09 Maziarkas respond to Mayor Diess's email concerning complaint against Ald. Dobberstein. (via email/ORR)
  • 04-17-09 SafeLibraries, Dan Kleinman, responds to Dr. Joyce Latham, UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies. (via email/ORR, page 1, page 2, page 3)
  • 04-21-09 City Attorney rejected ethics violation complaint by WBCFSL concerning Alderman Dobberstein and Mayor Deiss.  Stated complaint must be notarized and was, therefore, invalid. (copy of original letter
  • 04-21-09 Library Board member, John Aynesworth, discusses taking vacant VP position on library board with Barbara Deters, Library Board President (email via ORR)
  • 04-29-09 Warren Kraft, Asst. City Atty. Explains to Dennis Melvin, City Administrator and Common Council the rescission request of Alderman Dobberstein. (Memorandum/ORR)
  • 04-29-09 Hanrahan does radio interview with QUEERY, LGBTQ radio station, Madison, WI.


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